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Marketing Research BBA 3231 James Tilley, Sec 1, Ex 1 Q 5 There is a six step process in evaluating secondary data. The first step is specifications and methodology. Some of the issues that are involved are the method of collecting the data, the amount and the quality of data collected, if samples were used to collect data, what techniques were used and the size of the sample. If questionnaires were used, how were they designed and the type of questions asked. How much field work, if any, was conducted and to what extent? When was all of the data collected, the quality of analysis, and the outcome. The data obtained from the above research must be reliable and pertain to the problems that are trying to be resolved. Second is error and accuracy of the data that was collected. There is a need to identify the errors through the following areas; approach, research design, sampling, data collection/analysis and reporting. The errors can then be separated and accurate data can
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Unformatted text preview: be used in the current research. Third is currency - this is the amount of time between collecting the data and when it is officially released, and if there were any updates to the original data collected. Next is the objective of the data when it was being collected. This must be considered so that the data obtained is relevant to your problem or information needs. The next step is the nature of the data. The key variables must be clearly defined so anyone reading it can understand the message. How the units of measurements are expressed and how they relate to your problem. The last step is dependability of the data and the organization collecting the data. What is the expertise, credibility, and the reputation of the organization. How many years do they have and asking for references would also be helpful....
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