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Unformatted text preview: Kutz c03v2.tex V1 - December 14, 2006 5:52pm Page 45 CHAPTER 3 ORGANIZATION, MANAGEMENT, AND IMPROVEMENT OF MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS Keith M. Gardiner Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 1 INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS THIS CHAPTER ABOUT? 46 2 THE NATURE OF THE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM: WHAT IS THE ARENA FOR OUR IMPROVEMENT? 47 3 THE EVOLUTION OF LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT: THE HANDICAP OF HIERARCHIES 49 4 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORS, CHANGE, AND SPORTS: A FRUITLESS QUEST FOR STABILITY 52 5 A SYSTEM OF MEASUREMENT AND ORGANIZATION: STIMULATING CHANGE 54 6 COMPONENTS OF THE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM: A SIMPLIFIED WAY OF LOOKING AT THE SYSTEM 57 7 IMPROVEMENT, PROBLEM SOLVING, AND SYSTEMS DESIGN: AN ALL-EMBRACING RECYCLING, REPEATING, SPIRALING CREATIVE PROCESS 59 8 WORKFORCE CONSIDERATIONS: SOCIAL ENGINEERING, THE DIFFICULT PART 61 9 ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS: MANUFACTURING EMBEDDED IN THE SOCIETY 64 9.1 Sustainability 64 9.2 Principles for Environmentally Conscious Design 66 10 IMPLEMENTATION: CONSIDERATIONS AND EXAMPLES FOR COMPANIES OF ALL SIZES 67 10.1 Vertical Integration 67 10.2 Real-World Examples 68 10.3 Education Programs 70 10.4 Measuring Results 71 11 A LOOK TO THE FUTURE 72 45 Kutz c03v2.tex V1 - December 14, 2006 5:52pm Page 46 46 Organization, Management, and Improvement of Manufacturing Systems 1 INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS THIS CHAPTER ABOUT? There are many books, pricey consultants, guides, expensive courses, and mag- azine articles telling us how to improve. Improvers tell us how to do everything from diet, exercise, staying healthy, relaxing, sleeping, investing, fixing our homes, and growing vegetables to bringing up our childrenthere are recom- mended fixes available for every human condition! This trend is nowhere more prevalent than in business and industry, and most especially in manufacturing. The challenge for this chapter is to deliver meaningful content that, if applied diligently, will enable readers to improve their manufacturing systems. We must go beyond the acronyms and buzzwords, and here there are strong parallels with self-improvement. To be successful, self-improvement and a diet or exercise regime first requires admission, recognition, and consciousness of the necessity for improvement. The next step required is to realize that improvement is possible; then there must be a willingness and eager enthusiasm to meet the challenges and commence the task, or tasks; this can be very difficult. It is too easy for managers, or erstwhile change-agents, to place placards by the coffee and soda machines and in the cafeteria with messages like Learn today and be here tomorrow. Inspirational posters, T-shirts, and baseball caps with logos and slogans are often made available as promotional incentives. This is ignorant folly, and can rapidly turn any improvement project into a cliche and workplace joke....
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2006_Org._Mngmt._Improv._Mfg._Syst._draft_ch - Kutz...

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