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Downloads October 19, 2011+: Links with scant relevance to engineering coursework but nevertheless fascinating science discussions: What's inside a crumpled ball? Crumpled sheets of paper are a familiar form to most of us, but they still hold many secrets. Science controversies past and present Reactions to the science of global warming have followed a similar course to those of other inconvenient truths from physics. The tide predictions for D-Day Based on the physics of Newton and Laplace, the big brass tide-predicting machine designed by Lord Kelvin was crucial for the success of the Normandy invasion in World War II. Communicating the science of climate change It is urgent that climate scientists improve the ways they convey their findings to a poorly informed and often indifferent public. Wednesday, October 19, 2011 Slideshow: Apple iPhone 4S Teardown UBM TechInsights conducted a teardown of the iPhone 4S and found use of communications silicon and processors from Apple, Qualcomm, Triquint, Samsung, Skyworks, and Elpida. CONTINUE READING Video: Cadillac Unveils 'Intuitive' Vehicle Infotainment This week, Cadillac rolled out an in-vehicle dashboard hub that enables users to operate entertainment and information controls with gestures and touches. CONTINUE READING Chrysler To Invest $165 Million In Sterling Heights Assembly Plant In Michigan. Growth The AP (10/19) reports, "A body shop will be added to Chrysler's Sterling Heights Assembly Plant as part of a $165 million investment." The Detroit Free Press (10/19, Snavely) reports, "The new body shop would add more than 1 million square feet to the plant where Chrysler builds the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Avenger midsize cars. Chrysler said the investment includes the construction of the new body shop as well as the installation of equipment and conveyors that will be some of the most advanced in the industry." $165/sq. ft. doesn’t seem too bad Boeing Producing 737s At 35 Per Month. The Seattle (WA) Times (10/19) reports, "Boeing said Monday it has begun building the first single-aisle 737 at the program's new production rate of 35 airplanes a month, up from the previous 31.5 airplanes a month." The article notes that "to meet burgeoning worldwide market demand for single-aisle jets, the 737 production rate will increase to 38 airplanes a month in the spring of 2013 and to 42 airplanes a month by the summer of 2014." Airbus CEO Concerned That Credit Issues May Hurt Suppliers. Impacts of bank issues Bloomberg News (10/19, Rothman) reports Airbus "said its growth and that of competitor Boeing Co. (BA) may be hampered by component suppliers being starved of credit." Airbus CEO Tom Enders said there were "troubling signs of lack of capital" that could cause problems for smaller, but critical suppliers. The article notes that "cost overruns can put off planemakers from embarking on new projects and that in
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101911Downloads_October_19 - Downloads October 19, 2011+:...

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