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Downloads from 10/5/11 on: iPhone Receives An Upgrade. The Washington Post (10/5, Tsukayama) reports, "In its first product announcement since Steve Jobs resigned as chief executive, Apple unveiled a smartphone that failed to deliver what many fans of the company had hoped for - a redesigned iPhone. Instead, the company raised the curtain on an upgraded version of its existing handset." The New York Times (10/5, Wingfield, Subscription Publication) reports, "The new model of the iPhone, which will go on sale Oct. 14, with preorders starting Friday, is virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor on the outside. But beneath its skin Apple made big changes, packing it with a better camera that shoots crisper pictures and video. The device also includes a more powerful chip, the A5, the same microprocessor that is the brains of the iPad, for producing better graphics and other improvements." BBC News (10/5) reports, "Among the additions is an 'intelligent assistant' that allows users to ask questions aloud and receive detailed answers back. Siri, which began life as a third-party app, was purchased by Apple in 2010 but has yet to appear within its software." The editor of gadget magazine T3, Luke Peters, "said that the software announcements would do just enough to keep Apple fans interested in the face of strong challenges from rival smartphone manufacturers." USA Today (10/5, Baig) reports, "This virtual personal assistant - it can recognize spoken words and understand the intent and context of a question you throw at it - is tied into other apps on the device. So if you ask Siri to 'wake me up at 7:30 in the morning,' Siri will fire up the clock app on the phone and set the alarm for the appropriate time." Also, "Siri can deliver results whether you pose a question along the lines of 'what is the weather like here today?' or 'will I need a raincoat?' If you ask Siri to 'find me a great sushi restaurant around here,' Siri will find and sort a list of restaurants by rating." The Christian Science Monitor (10/5, Richardson) reports, "Sprint has reportedly signed an exclusive deal with Apple for the first few months of the new iPhone. If true, the deal would mark a major coup for a phone carrier that is ranked third nationally and has been bleeding customers since 2006." The San Francisco Chronicle (10/5, Newton) notes, "Google's Android operating system remains the most widely used smart-phone platform, with 41.8 percent US market share
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100511Downloads334 - Downloads from on iPhone Receives An...

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