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Downloads October 3, 2011+: On the Road to Detroit’s Big Pileup (NYT) A G.M.-Ford merger? That’s how desperate Detroit’s auto industry was in the summer of 2008, according to “Once Upon a Car,” a new book by Bill Vlasic. Compelling Tesla Opens Factory, Allows Model S Test Drives. $420M in advance orders, remarkable! The Financial Times (10/3, Waters, Subscription Publication) reports that Tesla Motors unveiled its mass-produced model S sedan over the weekend from its California factory. Tesla says that it received more than 6,000 advanced orders for the model S. The company expects to launch model S sales next year. Tesla plans to increase model S production so it can produce 20,000 vehicles by early 2013. The model S will cost just shy of $70,000 and will have a range of 300 miles. Reuters (10/3, McBride) adds that Tesla allowed those with model S preorders to visit its California factory Saturday evening. During the event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk asked buyers to rally support for the model S. Those at Saturday's event were allowed a short test drive of a model S. Nissan And General Electric Conduct Research On Leaf Batteries. More & more co- operation The Detroit Free Press (10/2, Thompson) reports, "Nissan and General Electric are partnering to research ways for electric vehicles such as Nissan's Leaf to connect with homes and electric grids, the companies said Friday." Eventually, "the research could lead to a way to use the Leaf's lithium-ion battery as a backup for a home power outage, said Bob Sump, vice president of Nissan's Farmington Hills engineering center." Also, "the partners are exploring ways to incorporate the Leaf into GE's Smart Home concept, which uses its Brillion technology to allow appliances to 'talk' with a system that monitors home energy use." Dreamliner Cited As First Of Several New Planes. +10% is good, but still a heavy carbon dump The Los Angeles Time (10/2, Hennigan) reported, "A new age in air travel is set to be ushered in later this month when a 787 Dreamliner operated by All Nippon Airways lifts off from Tokyo to Hong Kong on its first passenger flight." The article called the plane "a major technological shift" in plane development for its use of composites. However, more advance planes are in the work like Airbus' A350. The two companies "are also developing engines for their bestselling respective jets, the 737 and A320, that would achieve about a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency." Meanwhile, other groups are researching planes that are "decades away" from being developed. Bigelow Aerospace Lays Off Almost Half Its Employees. Flawed ‘guesstimating’ Space News (10/1, Berger, Leone, Subscription Publication) reported, "Bigelow Aerospace, which is developing inflatable space habitats for commercial use, laid off some 40 of its 90 employees Sept. 29, a company official confirmed." Mike Gold, Bigelow Aerospace's director of
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100311Downloads334 - Downloads October 3 2011 On the Road...

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