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Downloads commenced September 26, 2011: Hybrid Technology Soon To Be "Omnipresent." ‘mpg’s’ getting up there; EV equiv. is an issue McClatchy (9/24, Phelan) reports, "Your next car will probably have a little bit of Toyota Prius or Chevrolet Volt in it, whether you think of yourself as a high-tech fuel saver or not." Soon, "technologies pioneered by the 50-mpg Prius and the Volt, which burns no gasoline at all on most trips under 40 miles, will be. ..omnipresent." Eventually, "every car will be a hybrid, with so many variations of electric-assistance that some manufacturers won't even use the word." Keystone Opponents Pin Hopes On Nebraska. This is only ‘Pipeline 1’ eventually there maybe 3! The AP (9/26, Schulte) reports Environmentalists hoping to block the Keystone XL pipeline are pinning their hopes "on an unlikely ally - the conservative state of Nebraska." Damon Moglen, a spokesman environmental group Friends of the Earth, called Nebraska "the key battleground" over the proposal, as the State Department prepares to hold public hearings before making a final decision on the pipeline before the end of the year. "We see these as listening sessions," said Kerri-Ann Jones, assistant secretary for the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, a State Department agency. "We want to listen and hear what people have to say. Will Split-Cycle Engine Compete With EV Powertrains? Scuderi Group says its split-cycle engine boosts fuel efficiency by 20 percent to 30 percent while cutting emissions. CONTINUE READING
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092611Downloads334_438 - Downloads commenced Hybrid...

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