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CONFIDENTIAL Executive Report Group Activity - Confidential Peer Assessment – IE334 Due HARDCOPY Due HARDCOPY As a corollary to your team assignment activity each member of the team must submit a brief confidential assessment evaluating the contributions and performance of each of his/her colleagues (including yourself) recommending and justifying suitable bonus awards sharing $10,000 (virtual) among the group. Name: ____________________________________________Email id:__________________________ Team Topic(initial or title): _____________________________________________________________ The success of your project has prompted your boss to distribute $10,000 amongst your team;
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Unformatted text preview: however, the money may not necessarily be allocated equally. In your opinion, how much money should each team member receive, based on her/his contribution to the project. Do not forget to include yourself! In the space provided below, please summarize your own contribution, as well as that of your colleagues in order to thoroughly explain and justify your bonus recommendations. Full Name of ea. Team Member: (in alphabetical order by last name, and including your own name) Bonus Recommendation: $ $ $ $...
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