IE334RFP11 - Request For Proposals for research as IE334...

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R equest F or P roposals for research as IE334 Assignment #4 Sept. 2011 Your team has scanned all the posted materials and texts plus the e-newsletter releases; discuss and then identify, recognize and define one of the many challenges, concerns, issues, problems and innovative technological processes associated with the sustainability, viability and future prosperity nationally and/or globally. In particular prepare a proposal to examine some aspects of the energy situation, food supplies or healthcare and the related industries and the use of organizational planning and control relating to your chosen ventures. Genetic engineering (GE) is being applied to our food supplies, both animal and vegetable, and many aspects of the possible economic, ecological, environmental, health, organizational and societal consequences seem poorly understood and often inadequately foreseen. The breeding, cross-breeding and ‘artificial’ acceleration of ‘natural selection’ has gone on since the Stone Age developing ‘better’ food grains and faster horses, for example. Today advanced GE (or GM) procedures are being used that seem capable of producing quasi- natural results in relatively shortened time frames. Drugs are being developed and provided that enable accelerated production by or from animals (higher yields of milk, more lambs per pregnancy etc.), additionally drugs enable denser packing of animals and greater throughput from agricultural facilities (cattle, fish, pig, and poultry farms, for example). The quality of the resulting foodstuffs is being changed and thereby the content of our diets. More and sometimes better food is more readily available to feed our undernourished and growing populations, but at what cost? High density, high productivity agriculture whether for animals or for crops may have serious long term consequences notwithstanding some substantial
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IE334RFP11 - Request For Proposals for research as IE334...

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