Ans224 Test 2 Review

Ans224 Test 2 Review - How often should you breed a bitch...

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Unformatted text preview: How often should you breed a bitch? Once every 2 years, (every other cycle at most) How often should you breed a stud? Want to avoid overuse because of genetic disease if to many population Wont have time to evaluate offspring What causes infertility? Most of the time theyre not infertile just breeding at the wrong time Tools/concepts used to ensure successful breeding? Trusting chemistry Vaginal cytology Keeping records for lifetime of the bitch.. if comes into heat every five months, she will come in every five months. Knowing how guys are interested What are some ways to keep record of bitch? Start/end of vaginal discharge Change in behavior Breeding/whelping dates What are some ways to detect chemistry? Studs may only be interested when in heat, or all the time Females old maid, may not stand if she is older, 3 things that are important about the atmosphere of a breeding scene Territory - Environment pleasantish scene Security solid floor, roof, walls When are parabasal cells dominant? Proestrus/diestrus as are intermediate cells When are superficial cells present? Estrus What are some pre-breeding concerns? Physical exams, reproductive exams, lab tests serology test (tests serum for brucella canis) sterilize male/bitch is zoonotic What are some plans for successful breeding? No traveling for breeder, or breedees No breeds that may warrant AI bulldogs have bad airways No first timers What should you expect during breeding? Mounting, intromission/thrusting, (1-5 minutes) Tie dismount, retroflexion 5-45 minutes How do you plan for parturition? See the diestrus shirt cytology or behavior (day 9 after LH peak) 56 days plus/minus day What are some behavioral complications? Older maiden bitches Under socialized (shy) bitches Aggressive/uninterested stud Wrong time (estrous cycle by cytology) if so artificial insemination What are some STDs from cats? Cats HIV, Feline leukemia virus When do you begin breeding a cat and how often? Older then a year, no more than one litter per year Secure cage not queens cage How may toms does it take to breed a dozen queens? 1 What are some mating behaviors? Neck biting, mounting, screaming, post-coital behavior How do you run an un-timed breeding? Co-house queens and tom until pregnant, Weekly palpation Begin in feb. march How do you run a timed breeding? Queen to run for 2 days a week, palpate 3 times a day How do you estimate parturition? Palpate 3 weeks after breeding, calculate back to ovulations week. Add 66 plus/minus 2 days Intro to nutrition. Anthropomorphic advertising - giving animals human like qualities (taco johns) like vs. need challenges - nutrition vs. table scraps What is anthropomorphic advertising - Giving animals human like qualities Give a brief description (and years) of pet food history?...
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Ans224 Test 2 Review - How often should you breed a bitch...

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