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Quiz1 - Principles of Management Powered By Nadir...

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Principles of Management Powered By: Nadir Ansari(www.e-learnings.net) You got 6 questions right out of 25. You failed to answer 1 questions. Percentage: 24.0% Review your answers below. 1) _____ courses help managers gain a better understanding of motivation, leadership, trust, employee selection, performance appraisals, and training techniques? a) Psychology b) Sociology c) Political science d) Anthropology Correct! 2) In general, entrepreneurs are better able than managers in a traditional hierarchical organization to? Wrong! The right answer was c). 3) A construction supervisor site who sees an impending thunderstorm, tells workers to go home, and secures the site is demonstrating ? Wrong! The right answer was a). 4) _________ involves the delegation of decision-making and authority to lower levels in the organization? Correct!
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