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Classnotes Family Law - Family Law Family Law aka domestic...

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Family Law Family Law, aka “domestic relations law” involves marriage, prenuptial agreements, dissolution of marriage, child custody, spousal and child support, and division of property. Marriage Marriage is “status” conferred upon two people. It is NOT a contract. It is both the result of state law and, in many cases, religious belief and tradition. Each state has similar, but not identical, requirements for establishing a marital relationship under the law of that state. Each state law permits 18-year-old men and women to marry without anyone’s consent. States also permit younger men and women to marry with their parents’ written consent. What the minimum age is depends upon the state. All states provide a minimum under which a person cannot be married (usually 14 -16). In addition, the party being married may not be currently married to another. States require the parties to obtain a marriage license , which usually only involves filling out a one-page application and the payment of a minimum fee. Also, most states require that there be some type of ceremony which may be either religious or secular. The record of the marriage is then recorded in the appropriate government office. All states require that the spouses financially support each other and the children of the marriage which includes providing food, shelter, clothing, medical care, etc. Many states, but not all, recognized “common law marriage”. In the states recognizing
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Classnotes Family Law - Family Law Family Law aka domestic...

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