ADV_VLSI_Test_Lecture4 - IC Test W.R. Eisenstadt What is...

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IC Test W.R. Eisenstadt What is DfT? Design for Test can lower the cost of manufactured ICs. Many types: Structured, industry standardized Ad hoc Extremely important to Semiconductor Industry Use DfT to lower test costs, have higher product quality, simplify design diagnostics, simplify test program development, enhance system level and board level diagnostics in the field, and speed time to market. DfT Can drastically reduce testing cost by reducing ATE test requirements against the and number of channels. DfT can greatly increase fault coverage, fault coverage looks at how many potential failure modes, percentage-wise can be found using a specified test. I DDQ testing is a form of DfT testing. Here, although logic gates are forced into known logic one or logic zero states and the current from the power supply or the ground supply is measured. Excessive supply current indicates very undesirable resistive connections between power supply ground and can quickly eliminate bad die or indicate manufacturing problems for a series of die from the same lot. DfT helps identify design problems quickly before manufacturing production. See Fig. 14.3 for and ADC block without DfT If the output of the block fails distortion or dynamic range tests, IIP3, etc. it can be impossible to determine by experiment which element, the input amplifier the
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ADV_VLSI_Test_Lecture4 - IC Test W.R. Eisenstadt What is...

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