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Recorded Eisenstadt Lecture OneNote Video Playback Prof. Eisenstadt will be distributing videos recorded from his PC in Microsoft OneNote data format. You need to have Microsoft One Note 2007 to play the videos from Prof. Eisenstadt. If you do not have Microsoft OneNote 2007 in your Microsoft Office on you PC. 1) You can get a permanent copy of OneNote 2007 using the msdnaa software for UF Engineering students. There are many free packages you can download.
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Unformatted text preview: http://msdnaa.eng.ufl.edu/ Here you will have to set up an msdnaa account, get the software for free, create an image disk (.iso) and install the software using the key provided. 2) You can get a free trial copy of Microsoft Office 2010 from the Microsoft website. 3) You can watch me on the PC of a friend who has installed Microsoft OneNote....
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