2nd draft - Tim Hoskins 2nd Draft All heroes have a...

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Tim Hoskins 2 nd Draft All heroes have a personal life away from their hero life. Finding what is close and personal to a hero, and hurting it, is key for all villains. In the novel Frankenstein this is what the monster does to his creator Victor Frankenstein, and it slowly tears the doctor down. He goes after Victor’s friends and family, which makes Victor at blame for their deaths. Victor Frankenstein attempted to create a human and bring man back to life. He was able to put life into a human’s body but the result was far from human. The creation was hideous and frightful, and in a state of panic, Victor fled he scene hoping to never see his beast again. The monster had different plans, because through time and patience he learned to walk, talk, read, and do many human tasks. It was when he discovered his creator’s work that he realized he must find Frankenstein. With no purpose in his dark life, the monster set off to hurt the man who had made him have to suffer so much. Growing up alone with no help and bad appearance
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2nd draft - Tim Hoskins 2nd Draft All heroes have a...

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