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Survey2010 - the bundle and pick out his or her assignment...

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Statement Giving Permission to Return Assignments and Quizzes in EEE 5322 Class and Survey (turn in this sheet in class) I give Prof. William Eisenstadt and his Grader permission to return my graded homework EEE 5322 assignments, computer laboratory assignments and graded quizzes back in class. I acknowledge that the assignments may be returned in a bundle of similar assignments and passed around briefly in the EEE 5322 class where each student may get to look at
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Unformatted text preview: the bundle and pick out his or her assignment or quiz. After the assignments are circulated in class, Prof. Eisenstadt will collect the unclaimed graded assignments and keep them locked up in his office. Signed: Dated: Printed Name: Student ID Number: Optional Survey Student Background: (Prior VLSI and Digital Design Classes): Student Interests in Digital and Analog Design: Experience at use of UNIX and IC CAD tools:...
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