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MOSIS PARAMETRIC TEST RESULTS RUN: T37B (LO_EPI) VENDOR: TSMC TECHNOLOGY: SCN025 FEATURE SIZE: 0.25 microns INTRODUCTION: This report contains the lot average results obtained by MOSIS from measurements of MOSIS test structures on each wafer of this fabrication lot. SPICE parameters obtained from similar measurements on a selected wafer are also attached. COMMENTS: TSMC 0251P5M TRANSISTOR PARAMETERS W/L N-CHANNEL P-CHANNEL UNITS MINIMUM 0.36/0.24 Vth 0.47 -0.50 volts SHORT 20.0/0.24 Idss 591 -256 uA/um Vth 0.48 -0.54 volts Vpt 7.6 -7.2 volts WIDE 20.0/0.24 Ids0 13.2 < 2.5 pA/um LARGE 50/50 Vth 0.42 -0.59 volts Vjbkd 5.9 -7.0 volts Ijlk <50.0 <50.0 pA Gamma 0.44 0.62 V^0.5 K' (Uo*Cox/2) 126.5 -24.8 uA/V^2 Low-field Mobility 417.63 81.88 cm^2/V*s COMMENTS: Poly bias varies with design technology. To account for mask bias use the appropriate value for the parameters XL and XW in your SPICE model card. Design Technology XL (um) XW (um) ----------------- ------- ------ SCN5M_DEEP (lambda=0.12) 0.00 -0.04 thick oxide, NMOS -0.01 -0.04 thick oxide, PMOS -0.06 SCN6M_SUBN (lambda=0.15) -0.06 0.00 thick oxide, NMOS -0.10 0.00 thick oxide, PMOS -0.15 FOX TRANSISTORS GATE N+ACTIVE P+ACTIVE UNITS Vth Poly >6.6 <-6.6 volts PROCESS PARAMETERS N+ P+ POLY N+BLK PLY+BLK MTL1 MTL2 UNITS Sheet Resistance 4.0 3.0 3.5 59.6 170.5 0.07 0.07 ohms/sq Contact Resistance 5.7 4.8 4.7 2.23 ohms Gate Oxide Thickness 57 angstrom
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This note was uploaded on 10/24/2011 for the course EEE 5322 taught by Professor W.r.eisenstadt during the Fall '10 term at University of Florida.

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VLSI_Class_Notes_20_t37b_lo_epi-params - MOSIS PARAMETRIC...

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