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EEL 5322 W.R.Eisenstadt - 1 - Homework 16, Inverter Design Problem. Due, Monday Nov. 8, 2010 Using Cadence and l = 0.125 m m, layout a CMOS inverter with the dimensions (width and length) shown below. Simulate the inverter switching with a 50 ps risetime 0-VDD 4nS 50% duty cycle clock input and an attached identical inverter load. Hand in class or submit a scan of the summary of the Spectra
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Unformatted text preview: output, including the inverter risetime and fall time on Monday, Nov. 8th. Submit the inverter layout to the TA of EEL5322 by 5 pm on Friday Nov. 9th via the Homework link on WebCT. Be sure to do a DRC and LVS the circuit layout. Rabaey, p. 198 and color plate 6 shows the basic layout of an inverter. PMOS W = 1.125 um, L =0.25 um NMOS W = 0.500 um, L= 0.25 um...
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