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Homework02-IDS355-Spring2011 - IDS 355 IDS 355 Spring 2011...

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IDS 355 IDS 355 Spring 2011 Assignment 2 Due Friday 2/25/2011 40 points Instructions Deadline This assignment may be submitted anytime until Friday, February 25 th at 11:55 p.m. Because solutions will be posted soon after the deadline, late submissions may not be accepted. If you need an extension for an assignment, you must ask your TA in advance. In any event, we strongly recommend submitting your assignment early, in case problems arise with the submission process. Problem Guidelines Because using spreadsheet software is a basic business skill, the assignments are intended to give you practice in structuring problems as well as simply finding the answers. All problems must be solved using Excel formulas to receive credit. If, for example, you solve a problem on paper and then copy the results to Excel, you will receive no credit for that problem. Submission Guidelines All assignments are to be submitted using the Blackboard site for your lab section. Assignments should be uploaded using the upload link in the Assignment folder, not the digital dropbox. It is important that all
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