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AOE 3104 Homework #2 Solutions Problem 1. In a wind tunnel, the speed changes as the cross sectional area of the tunnel changes. If the speed in a circular test section with radius 5 feet is 100 miles per hour, what is the speed upstream of the test section where the radius is 11 feet? Assume incompressible flow. Solution. The mass rate of flow is constant: V A = constant. Therefore V 1 A 1 = V 2 A 2 , And, since density is constant: V 1 = V 2 A 2 A 1 . Therefore: V 1 = 100 mph parenleftbigg 25 ft 2 121 ft 2 parenrightbigg = 20 . 66 mph Problem 2. A model is being tested in a wind tunnel at a speed of 30 meters per second. (a) If the flow in the test section is at sea level standard conditions, what is the pressure at the model’s stagnation point? (b) The tunnel speed is being measured by a pitot-static tube connected to a U-tube manometer. What is the reading on the manometer in the inches of water? (c) At one point on the model, a pressure of 100kPa is measured. What is the local airspeed at that point?
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