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Unformatted text preview: FINAL EXAMINATION PROPOSAL I am a business representative of a small scale pharmaceutical company producing coated tablets locally, I would be putting forth a proposal to a MNC for permitting me to produce one of its product as and under a LOAN LICENSE for a fixed tenure of time. With the proposal I would also put forth the provision of manufacturing of a liquid dosage form for the company which will be marketed by the MNC. 2) At present my small scale firm does not undertake any loan licensing of any drug from any other company but in order to progress financially into the bigger picture of pharma companies it proposes a MNC to have the licenses to mfg its drug. 3) By awarding me the license it would gradually decrease the pressure on the MNC of mfg its particular drug. The MNC’s generally have central mfg. and production units specifically designed for one of its miracle drug or its patented products which are monopolized in the market and so it is unable to divert equal attention to the already established products in the...
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