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Unformatted text preview: JIGAR.R.RAJPURA.....X-01824544.........………………………………………FINAL TERM PAPER.....PAS 217 PROBLEM STATEMENT: “TO ESTIMATE THE MARKET POTENTIAL OF NEW-YORK STATE FOR HERBAL BASED ENERGY SUPPLEMENT PRIOR TO THE MARKET LAUNCH” HYPOTHESIS: NULL HYPOTHESIS: There is no possible market for the sale of herbal based energy supplement in the state of New York. ALTERNATE HYPOTHESIS: There is substantial possibility for demand and sale of herbal based energy supplement in the state of New York. METHODOLOGY ADOPTED IN DATA COLLECTION: Data to be collected was PRIMARY DATA by SURVEY TECHNIQUE and following factors were taken in consideration while collecting primary data: 1) Demographic characteristics. 2) Lifestyle characteristics. 3) Knowledge a) Demographic: Parameters like age, sex, occupation, martial status were analyzed by asking generalized questions in the questionnaire. These were primarily to define the parameter of age dependent possible energy supplement users and were helpful to interpret consumer’s responses. b) Lifestyle characteristics: Personality characteristics were also importantly analyzed by placing an advertisement of the energy supplement labeled “COMING SOON ”(ad attached) and consumers response to the ad was noted in the form of a rating scale classified as: • NOTICE THE AD....
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final term paper -...

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