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RESEARCH PROPOSAL: 1.) Defining the market problem: “ANALYSIS OF MARKET POTENTIAL OF NEW YORK STATE FOR VITAMIN BASED ENERGY SUPPLEMENT PRIOR MARKET LAUNCH” SUMMARY: In the recent pharma market there is a boom of vitamin supplements, both herbal and organic based supplements are available at large and publicized widely. The main reason for an outburst of this category of drugs for treatment of choice is generally seen as a replenisher of nutrients in the body prior to a surgery or post trauma or exhaustive session. Apart from the natural source of manufacturing of the supplement the herbal aspect of it makes it user compliant and thus wide spread use of it is observed. To reinforce this fact were the stats by nutrition business journal stating that the industry recorded $21.3 billion in sales in 2005, up from $20.3 billion in 2004and there on it has been on a rise. Basic objectives were to analyze market potential and current requirements of supplement market. In this survey mainly 350 consumers already using some or the other kind of a vitamin supplement and 350 new consumers not using any kind of supplements were interviewed. They were selected from five boroughs of New York State after obtaining consent and information from the retail chain stores of vitamin Shoppe ,
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one from each borough for the regular users and randomly chosen individuals from the five boroughs. The findings of the survey indicate the factors consumer look for
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