bq1_s06 - UC Extension Org/BioChem X402 Test#1 Name(Please...

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UC Extension Org/BioChem X402 Test #1, 2/27/06. Name: (Please print) Total points: 22 [Plus bonus problems, 5 pts.] ARE YOU REGISTERED? _______ Have you signed up for the class e-mail list: ____ General Closed book. You may use one page of notes. Otherwise, no books, periodic table, models, etc. If a question isn’t clear, please ask me about it. Some questions request a simple answer and an explanation. It’s the explanation that is important. No credit for answer without a requested explanation. In naming compounds, IUPAC names are preferred, but valid common names will be accepted. (A name will be graded based on the compound you show.) You may want to know the halogens are, from top to bottom of the periodic table: fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine. 8 . (3 pts.) a. (2 pts.) Draw the structure (an ordinary structural formula) of cis-1-chloro-2- iodocyclohexane. Be sure that the key features are clear. b. (1 pt.) Draw the most stable conformation of this chemical. Assume that the ring conformation is a chair. You can use the following chair template as the basis for your drawing. For clarity, show the halogen groups and also the H’s that are on the key carbon(s). Show them so that axial and equatorial positions are clear. 8 . (2 pts.) Draw all possible isomers of (mono)bromopropane. Name one of them.
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X402 Test #1, 2/27/06. Page 8 . (2 pts.; 1 pt. per part) Can one C atom form 2 double bonds? 2 triple bonds? In each case
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bq1_s06 - UC Extension Org/BioChem X402 Test#1 Name(Please...

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