bq1as06 - X402 Test 1 Spring 2006 Answer key 17 = A 13 = B...

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X402, Test 1, Spring 2006. Answer key. 17 = A, 13 = B, 8 = C, 4 = D. My experience with classes such as this suggests that 80% = A, 60% = B, etc, are good cutoffs for the kind of tests I give. (Scores very near those cutoffs are given a + or -. For example, the range 13-16.5 includes all B, from B- to B+.) I am not showing the class statistics; that seems appropriate for a small class, but I am happy to discuss the issue. For each question, the circled number is your total points for that question. (Points for parts may be shown, and are then added together to get the circled total for the question.) Check the arithmetic! Be sure to read the comments on the test, regardless of scoring. It is often appropriate to comment on certain features of your answer even if I do not take off points. Learn from the feedback! I encourage you to go back and read the “Test follow-up” section of the “Sample test” handout, especially if you are not happy with how you have done so far. Happy to discuss. Remember, you are the judge of how you are doing relative to your background, needs, and time commitment. The chair template provided on the test is from ISIS/Draw. My non-Word structures shown in class materials are drawn either with that program or with ChemSketch. See my web page for an introduction to these chem drawing programs. (I have them installed on the classroom computer, and can give brief demos.) A brief, partial answer key follows. I have skimped on drawing structures. (You can ask me about any of these, in class or privately.) Alternative answers are possible in some cases. Test 2 . Take home test, handed out class 7 (3/20), due next class (3/27). Test 2 should cover Ch 5 through 9; we will decide for sure at the end of class 6. (But note that it will also review the earlier Ch, simply because the material is inherently cumulative. It’s quite worthwhile to work on any major issues that bothered you from those earlier chapters.) Test date is firm, even if chapter coverage slips. Test 2 will be similar in style and length to Test 1. However, former students would point out that reactions play an increasingly important role as we go on (and are probably more complex than the few so far). Think about the note sheet. Did it help you during the test? How might it have
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bq1as06 - X402 Test 1 Spring 2006 Answer key 17 = A 13 = B...

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