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UC Extension Org/BioChem X402 Test #2, Due 7/21/03. Name: (Please print) Total points: 21 [Plus bonus questions, 6 pts.] Take home test, Ch 5-9 -- but no elimination or acidity reactions; see web site for details. However, much of the material in these Ch builds on Ch 3-4. You do need basic nomenclature, properties, etc to go on. And major background topics such as polarity and hydrogen bonding are now important issues. (Bonus section includes orbital hybridization.) DUE: Monday 7/21 , start of class. For “emergency use only” You may return the test by mail (postmarked by the due date): <>. (Do NOT send by any method that requires my signature to pick it up.) If I learn of corrections or clarifications to test questions, I will distribute them in a message to the class e-mail list. The general idea is that a take home test is just like a test in class, except that you determine the time and place to take it. Do not open the test until you are ready to start taking it. Opening the test marks the end of your study time and the beginning of test time. Before beginning the test, you may study as much as you wish, and in any way. You may study with others, so long as no one involved has yet opened the test. You may not discuss the test with others (except me) until after the due time. This test is similar to other tests in this course (including the samples). Try to resolve doubts about the meaning of test questions by considering them in the context of this course. If you feel there are ambiguities in a question, state any assumptions you make. Test is closed book. You may supply scratch paper. You may use one page of notes, as on Test 1; see web site for details. Except for that, you may NOT use books, handouts, models, class notes, other outside sources, etc. Estimated time: 1-2 hour. It is not a timed test. Take the time you need to do it well. So long as you feel you are being productive, you are welcome to continue. (That also means you need to know when to stop.) I would appreciate it if you would note how long you took.
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bq2_j03 - UC Extension Org/BioChem X402 Test#2 Due Total...

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