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X402, course grade and final exam answer sheet. Spring 2006. Name: Total test points: Course grade: Exam score is on the exam. 20 = A, 15 = B, 10 = C, 5 = D. (ignoring +/-) In figuring your course grade, I look at several things. First, I average your four test letter grades. For most people, this will give a proper course grade. But I do look to see if one of your early tests was unusually low (and I may consider that, discounting the early low score a little). After that, I generally look over the whole picture, trying to make sure everything looks fair and consistent. For test point total, the nominal cutoffs (ignoring +/-) are: A = 69, B = 52, C = 34, D = 17 (possible = 87). Your test total is shown above; check for accuracy of my records. If there are any questions that might reasonably affect your course grade, please contact me ASAP. I’ll mail in the official grades Tuesday morning 5/30. (Of course, legitimate problems can be fixed later, but it is easier before submission.) Beyond that, feel free to call/e-mail anytime to discuss other issues, or to chat. If you want to do further work from Ouellette, I am happy to discuss it with you, or to read any written work. Additional feedback/suggestions always welcomed; e-mail is fine. Comments/suggestions on the web pages are particularly welcomed. If you haven’t already done so, look at the Supplemental Information page at the web site for some things you might comment on. (You can also send me anonymous messages by using the message form at the web site.) A brief answer key follows. Alternative answers are reasonable in some cases. I have avoided drawing structures here as much as possible. 1. Charge difference is 2; the avian virus enzyme is -2 relative to the human virus enzyme. Glu has a negatively charged side chain, whereas lysine has a positively charged side chain. R M Krug, Virology: Clues to the virulence of H5N1 viruses in humans. Science 311:1562, 3/17/06. News. The feature discussed in the question is just one part of the story of why the bird and human viruses behave differently. This article discusses this difference, and others.
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bq4as06 - X402 course grade and final exam answer sheet...

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