HE4key - Name 2(Valence Bond Theory Olanzapine also known...

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Name:____________________________________________ CHEM 1211: Principles of Chemistry I Hour Exam IV Monday December 6, 2010 1. ( VSEPR Theory ) For each of the compounds below (6 points each, 24 points total): i) Give the Lewis structure which best represents the electron distribution in the compound (i.e. the one most consistent with the octet rule and formal charge) ii) Give a description of the electron pair arrangement around the central atom. iii) Give a description of the molecular geometry of the compound. Include approximate bond angles in your description. iv) Draw a neat sketch indicating the three dimensional geometry of the compound. v) Determine the hybridization ( sp , sp 2 , . ..) of the central atom. vi) Predict whether the molecule is polar or nonpolar. ( Note: Answers for ii-vi will be graded based on their consistency with the answer given in part i) Molecule Lewis Structure e¯ Domain Arr. Molecular Geom. Sketch Hyb. Polar? A) BrF 3 FB r F F Trigonal Bipyramidal T-Shaped r F F sp 3 d Y B) NO 2 O N O + Resonance Structures Trigonal Planar angular / bent O N O sp 2 Y C) BH 3 H B H H Trigonal Planar Trigonal Planar H B H H sp 3 N D) S 2 O 3 2– (S is central atom) OS S O O + Resonance Structures tetrahedral Tetrahedral S S O O O sp 3 Y 2. ( Valence Bond Theory ) Olanzapine, also known as Zyprexa, is a drug used to treat schizophrenia. Using valence bond theory, provide the following information for the labeled atoms or bonds in Olanzapine: a) Indicate the hybridization ( sp, sp 2 , etc .) of each of the atoms labeled I-V (5 points) a) Indicate the hybridization (1 point/blank, 5 points) Atom Hybridization I (C) sp 2 II (N) sp 2 III (N) sp 3 IV (S) sp 3 V (C) sp 3 b) Using valence bond theory, describe each of the bonds or lone pairs labeled A-F . For bonds, indicate the type(s) of bonding present ( σ , π , or a combination of the two), and indicate the two atomic orbitals participating in the bond. For lone pairs, identify the hybrid orbital on the atom that contains the two electrons. For multiple bonds, describe one of the bonds on the first line and the other on the second line. (15 points)
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HE4key - Name 2(Valence Bond Theory Olanzapine also known...

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