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Benihana of Tokyo 1 “Some restaurateurs like myself have more fun than others” says Hiroaki (Rocky) Aoki, founder and former president of Benihana of Tokyo, a restaurant chain with a fifty year history. The first Benihana restaurant was opened in Manhattan in 1964, now there are over 100 restaurants in twenty countries world wide. Benihana is basically a steakhouse with a difference: the food is cooked in front of the customer by Japanese chefs, on a „habachi‟ grill. The chefs are trained to not only cook the food but also entertain the customers, so that the cooking is a memorable part of the experience. When customers enter the restaurant they are met in the bar by a „maitre d‟ who asks them how many members are in the group, and invites the guests to buy a drink while they wait for a table. Benihana specialise in cocktails with names with Japanese associations, like „Bonsai Blitz‟. In the restaurant the tables are set up in a U-shape around the grill, for 8 guests; each chef is responsible for a pair of tables. Groups of less than eight guests are invited to share a table with other customers. The „maitre d‟ arranges the groups while customers enjoy their drink. When a table is free customers are taken to the table and choose from the menu, which
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Benihana_of_Tokyo_abridged - Benihana of Tokyo1 Some...

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