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Assess_2011ORT - Problem1,Problem10 and solve them...

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Linear Programming Assignment 2011 (20% in MSORT mark) Your task: You are given a set of 10 linear programming problems. Formulate these problems as linear programming models and solve the models using Excel Solver. Marking scheme: Each problem is worth 10 points. For a first class mark model layouts should be explained and well formatted and commented. IMPORTANT: a computer program will be used to check your answers, therefore, read carefully and strictly follow the instruction below. Load file “AssignmentTemplate.xlsm” from my.wbs.ac.uk web-page. Enter your ID and series number (i.e. the number of your individual data set) into the corresponding field on the worksheet “Results”. Set Excel models for your problems on worksheets
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Unformatted text preview: Problem1,,Problem10 and solve them. Independently of the context of your problem, allow your decision variables to be continues, i.e. DO NOT USE integer or binary options from the Solver. Enter results of your calculations into the solutions table on the worksheet Results. All numbers should be rounded to two decimal places (you may wish to use Round ( ,2) function). DO NOT protect your workbook or worksheets. DO NOT change names of worksheets in the template file. ENSURE that your workbook contains SOLVER settings (especially, if you copied your models from the other file). Deadline: The Excel file has to be submitted electronically (see my.wbs) , on or before 9:00 a.m. on Friday, 28 October ....
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