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Griswold_Matthew_CC12 1. Explain the difference between diversity and affirmative action. Affirmative action is a series of purposeful steps taken by an organization to create employment opportunities for minorities and women, while diversity consists of broader focused initiatives within an organization; diversity is also largely seen as non preferential by most individuals, which may not be true for affirmative action. 2. Does diversity make good business sense? Explain. Diversity makes good business sense by providing several practical upsides to the organizations that practice it; these include cost savings, attracting more workers, and promoting business growth. 3. What is the current trend in the United States with respect to workplace diversity? Diversity is becoming increasingly common within United States workplaces, since most organizations have realized the benefits that it brings. 4. Distinguish between surface-level diversity and deep-level diversity? Surface level diversity includes differences such as age, gender, and race which are observable and typically unchangeable. Deep-level diversity, on the other hand, includes personality traits and attitudes which may be communicated in various different ways and cannot be observed as easily as surface level diversity. 5.
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Griswold_Matthew_CC12 - Griswold_Matthew_CC12 1 Explain the...

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