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Griswold_Matthew_CC6 1. Identify the components of a sustainable competitive advantage. The components of sustainable competitive advantage are: a valuable resource, a rare resource, an imperfectly imitable resource, and a nonsubstitutable resource. 2. Outline steps of the strategy-making process. 1. Assess the need for strategic change; companies should monitor their external environment to determine the need for change in their strategy. 2. Conduct a situational analysis; assess an organization’s internal environment and the opportunities/threats in its external environment. 3. Choose strategic alternatives; a strategy should be chosen based on the company’s overall goal. 3. What is a corporate-level strategy? Describe the major approaches to corporate-level strategy. A corporate level strategy is the overall organizational strategy that addresses the question “What business or businesses are we in or should we be in?” There are two types of corporate level strategies: the Portfolio Strategy and the Grand Strategy. The Portfolio Strategy seeks to
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Griswold_Matthew_CC6 - Griswold_Matthew_CC6 1. Identify the...

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