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Unformatted text preview: Motor Control Motor Variable Speed Drives (VSD) Variable Electric motors: Brushed motors Single-phase AC induction motor Three-phase AC motor Types of Control Types Trapezoidal Commutation -torque ripple at slow speeds Sinusoidal Commutation -Inefficient at high speeds Field Oriented Control -best of both worlds Field Oriented Control High performance motor High Smooth rotation over speed range speed Full torque control at zero speed Fast Acceleration and deceleration Theory of Operation Theory Three major points: Motor current and voltage space vectors Transformation to two co-ordinate time invariant system Effective Pulse Width Modulation pattern generation. Summary of Transformations Summary Control Process Control ...
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  • Spring '11
  • grubb
  • Electric motor, variable speed drives, three-phase AC motor, Field Oriented Control, Single-phase AC induction

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