Lab 24 Voltage Regulators

Lab 24 Voltage Regulators - V L = 1.1 V Creating a...

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Objectives 1. To demonstrate the three terminal 7805 voltage regulator 2. To measure the load and line regulation of the 7805 regulator. 3. To investigate the adjustable 7805 regulator with current limiting. Diagrams
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Analysis For this lab first I built the circuit in figure 2. I determined the load regulation of the voltage regulator, with E=10v, I measured the load voltage and current for the load, and I recorded the results in table 1. To determine the line regulation of the 7805 voltage regulator, with E=10 V, I measured t Table 1 R L (Ohms) V L (volts) I L (amps) 100Ω 4.9973 0.2585 47Ω 5.0001 0.2318 22Ω 4.9987 0.1775 10Ω 4.9999 0.1715 The current decreases while the voltage remains the same E (volts) V L (volts) I L (amps) 10 V 5.003 0.1440 12 V 5.004 0.1500 15 V 5.001 0.1497 20 V 5.005 0.1527 V ref = 7.0293V Maximum output voltage = 5.2 V Minimum output voltage = 3.52 V I adjusted the 1KΩ potentiometer unit the no-load output voltage to 5V. V L = 41.3mV Replacing the 47Ω:
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Unformatted text preview: V L = 1.1 V Creating a short-circuit and changing the 10k potentiometer for a 1k V L = 3.3 V Questions 1. Using the values in Table 1 and 2, determine the output resistance and the line regulator of the 7805. Use the manufactures specifications to compute specified output resistance. Compare them. Calculated from 15-20m. the output resistance shown on the datasheet was 15m 2. With R sc =47, calculate the theoretical short-circuit current for the circuit in Figure 3. Compare the theoretical values measured in step 6. Calculated=0.01489A Measured=0.014A 3. Repeat question 2 for the circuit in Figure 3 with R sc =22. Calculated=0.0318A Measured=0.029A 4. Compare the maximum load current(R sc =0) measured in procedure step step 8 with the maximum load current specified by the manufacturer. Maximum=0.189A Maximum fro datasheet=1A...
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Lab 24 Voltage Regulators - V L = 1.1 V Creating a...

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