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Discussion Questions covering the American and French Documents 1. The Declaration of Independence addresses the British Crown in terms of barbarism and being uncivilized, how does this view of the state compared to how Rousseau frames the issue of civilization? 2. Describe the comparison between slavery and the status of women according to De Gouges. Do you think this argument is persuasive? 3. Is there any part of the American or French founding documents Locke would disagree with? How would Rousseau view these documents? 4. Does the long list of grievances at the beginning of the Declaration of Independence justify revolution? Is the justification of rebellion for the founders a long list of circumstances or can it be simplified into a single argument (such as the one found in Locke’s Second Treatise )? 5. Are all of the rights and policies listed in the Constitution a direct consequence of what was done wrong (as they saw it) to America, or is there also some foresight of things that
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