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Discussion Questions covering Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground 1. How does the character of Liza, or women in general, influence the character of the Underground Man? 2. What is the significance, if any, of the Underground Man expressing a sense of superiority over those of other nationalities, particularly French, German, and British? 3. How do you feel about the Underground Man as a character? Is he a hero? 4. The notes of Dostoevsky’s narrator end with the following: “It’s a burden for us even to be men – men with real, our own bodies and blood; we’re ashamed of it, we consider it a disgrace, and keep trying to be some unprecedented omni-men. We’re stillborn, and have long ceased to be born of living fathers, and we like this more and more. We’re acquiring a taste for it. Soon we’ll contrive to be born somehow from an idea.” What does this reveal about Dostoevsky’s views regarding the intellectual movements of the time? 5.
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