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Discussion Questions covering Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein 1. The Frankenstein novel differs remarkably from its conception in pop culture. Are the characters in the novel more or less sympathetic in comparison to the prototypical "mad scientist" and his creation? 2. Why does Frankenstein destroy the monster's mate before she was complete? Was Frankenstein justified in breaking his promise? 3. What does Shelley's novel have to say about the social effects of the Industrial Revolution? Does scientific progress necessarily involve a loss of humanity? 4. Is the monster ultimately human? Why or why not? 5. Why do you think Mary Shelley, as the daughter of ardent feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, constructs such passive female characters? 6. What would Rousseau think about the monster and his development of reasoning and language? 7. Romanticism is the embracing of emotion and feelings. Is Shelley possibly giving the reader and example of carrying these emotions and feelings too far? 8.
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