Discussion Questions covering Rousseau

Discussion Questions covering Rousseau - Discussion...

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Discussion Questions covering Rousseau’s Discourse on the Origin of Inequality 1. On page 26 Rousseau makes the claim that all men have come from a sort of savage to a full-fledged philosopher. What do you think he meant by this, and why does he make this argument? 2. Rousseau obviously supports the idea of separate spheres for men and women. However, he does not address the following question: Do men and women experience inequality differently? 3. Many animals are inherently territorial, which can be easily seen when observing dogs or wild birds. Assuming that Rousseau was aware of this, what would he say about the difference between man and other animals in regards to their notions of property? 4. Rousseau states that “the bonds of servitude are formed merely from the mutual dependence of men and the reciprocal needs that unite them (43).” In regards to slavery, how does this view contrast with Locke’s view that slavery is a product of conquest? 5.
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Discussion Questions covering Rousseau - Discussion...

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