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Lecture Outline(5) - 1. Slavophiles a. Those who thought...

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HWC 205: Russia and the West Uneven Development 1. The West 2. Russia 3. The Decemberist Uprising 4. Demons a. “… conversations and judgments about the future social organization are an almost imperative necessity of all modern thinking people. … I think all these books, these Fouriers, Cabets, all these ‘rights to work,’ Shigalyovism – it’s all like novels, of which a hundred thousand can be written. An aesthetic pastime.” (p. 405) The Russian Conflict
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Slavophiles a. Those who thought Russias future lay in reasserting traditional Russian values 2. Westernizers a. Those who thought that Russias future lay in either imitating the West or finding a distinctly Russian path to Western-style modernity What is to be Done? 1. Nikolai Chernyshevsky 2. The novel a. Mechanistic world b. Rational egoism c. Enlightenment d. Utopia e. The Crystal Palace 3. Dostoevsky reacts...
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