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Quotation List for Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground 1. “Oh, tell me, who first announced, …” p. 20 2. “What is to be done with the millions of facts…” pp. 20-21 3. “Profit! What is profit? And will …” p. 21 4. “One’s own free and voluntary wanting, one’s own caprice, …” pp. 25-26 5. “Who want to want according to a little table? Moreover: …” p. 26 6. “You see: reason, gentlemen, is a fine thing, …” p. 28 7. “Reason knows only what it has managed to learn…” p. 28 8. “But wanting is very often, and even for the most part, …” p. 29
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Unformatted text preview: 9. “I believe in this, I will answer for this, …” p. 31 10. “…all these beautiful systems, all these theories that explain…” pp. 22-23 11. “Why, look around you: blood is flowing in rivers, …” p. 23 12. “Civilization cultivates only a versatility of sensations in man, …” p. 23 13. “You believe in a crystal edifice, forever indestructible; …” p. 35 14. “Destroy my desires, wipe out my ideals, show me something better, and I…” pp. 36-37...
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