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Quote List for Mill 1. “I regard utility as the ultimate appeal…” (p. 10) 2. “The sole end for which mankind are warranted…” (p. 9) 3. “A person may cause evil to others…” (p. 11) 4. “The appropriate region of human liberty…” (p. 11) 5. “…liberty of tastes and pursuits…” (p. 12) 6. “If all mankind minus one…” (p. 16) 7. “…the peculiar evil of silencing the expression…” (p. 16) 8. “Judgment is given to men…” (p. 18) 9. “The beliefs which we have most warrant for…” (p. 20)
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Unformatted text preview: 10. “The real advantage which truth has…” (p. 28) 11. “The fatal tendency of mankind…” (p. 41) 12. “Acts, of whatever kind…” (p. 53) 13. “But if he restrains from molesting others in what concerns them…” (p. 53) 14. “Society has now fairly got the better of individuality…” (p. 58) 15. “A people, it appears…” (p. 68) 16. “Everyone who receives the protection of society…” (p. 73) 17. “The acts of an individual may be…” (p. 64)...
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