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Quotation list(1)

Quotation list(1) - 11 “Although I am fully convinced of...

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Quotation List for Darwin and Huxley 1. “Every being, which during its natural…” p. 186 2. “…considering the infinite complexity of the relations…” p. 188 3. “Hence we may confidently assert, that all…” p. 187 4. “A struggle for existence inevitably follows…” p. 186 5. “Therefore, during the modification of the descendants of…” p. 189 6. “This has been effected chiefly through the natural selection…” p. 190 7. “But if variations useful to any organic being…” pp. 188-89 8. “Sexual selection will also give characters useful…” p. 189 9. “I see no good reason why the views given…” p. 190 10. “Our classifications will come to be, as far as they…” p. 193
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Unformatted text preview: 11. “Although I am fully convinced of the truth of the views…” p. 191 12. “And as natural selection works solely by and for the…” p. 194 13. “The main conclusion arrived at in this work, and now held…” p. 195 14. “He who has seen a savage in his native land…” p. 195 15. “Finally, to my knowledge, nobody professes to doubt that, …” p. 196 16. “There is another fallacy which appears to me to pervade…” p. 196 17. “Social progress means a checking of the cosmic process at every step…” p. 197 18. “It is from neglect of these plain considerations that the…” p. 197...
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