Lecture 15 - benzylic C-H bond Reduction of Aryl Ketones to...

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1 Reading for Monday Chapter 19: 19.1-19.3, 19.5-19.7 Third ARIS Quiz Available Now Due at 11:59 pm, Sunday, Feb. 27 Two attempts; Score will be average of the two attempts. Mon. 6:00-7:30 pm MAL 3092 Tues. 2:30-4:00 PM MAL 2007 Wed. 5:00-6:30 PM MAL 2001 Thurs. 9:30-10:50 AM MAL 1003 Sat. 11:30 AM-1:00 PM MAL 2007 PLUS Sessions Chapter 18 Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Other Useful Reactions (18.13; 18.14) Some substituents added via EAS can undergo further transformations These extend the synthetic utility of EAS Fig. 18.7: Effect of substituents on benzene reactivity EAS followed by one or more other reactions Can be added via EAS
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