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I would have to agree with the side that says stop off shore drilling. Some opponents of this argue that green technology is unproven, overly expensive, and full implementation would likely be a net negative for an already shaky economy. While both sides have valid perspectives, the initiatives supported by President Obama are important and should be pursued. There are several reasons for this. One reason looks with an eye to the long term future; oil is indisputably a finite resource. Even if it was clean and its extraction and usage caused no harmful environmental effects it will still run out. The real goal should be freedom from dependency on oil, period. It shouldn’t matter whether it’s foreign or domestic. Oil is a non-renewable resource, it’s toxic when spilled, and it releases harmful pollutants when it’s burned. The “Drill, baby, drill” attitude shows an appalling disregard for the facts. The damage to the environment has been extensive and may be entirely irreversible. The Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystem was already under intense
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