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After taking the IQ test I was pleasantly surprised. I knew I had missed a couple questions and wouldn’t do that good and it was right on point. My score was 95 out of 100, this is a little below average. So I definitely believe it was accurate because a couple of the math problems I didn’t really understand. I do however think the test was fair and unbiased for everyone they asked a lot for a lot of information so they could average you on others with the same or similar information. I also think everyone takes the same test and that it would be difficult for them to be biased with a test like this. It’s a basically like a S.A.T everyone takes the same test and it’s up to them if they pass or not it is impossible to be biased. The people giving the test are basically just telling if the answers are right or wrong. So I don’t think this test was biased at all. I really don’t like to be compared to anyone. Everyone is different and learns differently. I don’t believe you can really compare people to other people without you kind of judging them. I
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Unformatted text preview: just see it as I am me nobody else compares to me just as well as I don’t compare to anyone else. The test said my best quality would be the verbal part of the test. This wasn’t a surprise to me at all. I have always been very good in this subject. In high school and grade school English and Reading were my best and favorite subjects. I wrote a poem in high school that won a contest and was put in the town’s paper. I was and still am so proud of that. My math however was below average and always has been. I don’t really like math and I am not good at it at all. I try but I just can’t get it. I really enjoyed this test, even though I normally wouldn’t take test like this. It was actually pretty accurate when it came to my scores and not only that, but it gave advice on how to better the scores. It also gave you pointers and explained how each subject would fit in with the job you want. I would definitely recommend this test to friends and family....
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