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The first stage of memory is called the sensory store. The sensory store is a fleeting representation of what is being sensed. It is used to store all stimuli that is being sensed anywhere from a fraction of a second to three seconds. The second stage of memory is called short-term or working memory. This stage of memory is used for temporary storage with a limited capacity, usually holding about sevens items of memory at any given time for about 30 seconds. From this point, short-term memory can be transferred to the third and last stage of memory, long-term memory. Long-term memory has an unlimited capacity for storage, and
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Unformatted text preview: stores its information indefinitely. Long-term memory can be retrieved for use of short-term memory or working memory. Understanding how our memory works helps us learn better because we are more aware of the actual process that is involved through each step of memory. For example, I now know that in order for any type of short term memory to be retained, I will more than likely have to rehearse what I learned or perform some type of repetition of what was learned in order to store that information indefinitely....
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