How did the Red Cross Start - eat for twenty years. In 1890...

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How did the Red Cross Start? In 1859 a Swiss called Henry Dunant went to Italy for business.  In the town of  Solferino was a war, Dunant saw and he shocked for the thousand of wounded man  and nobody take care of them.  Later, Dunant wrote a book called: A memory of   Solferino.   He wanted in every Country volunteers for take care of them. Then in 1863, Dunant started a Red Cross.  He wanted to make the Red Cross  bigger all over the word, he was famous.  But his own business have a problems, the  business have no money and the others owners lost money too.  Dunant resigned from  the Res Cross and became a poor, slept in streets, he stay alone and had nothing to 
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Unformatted text preview: eat for twenty years. In 1890 a teacher founded him in a Swiss Village. The teacher told that he was alive but nobody cared. Then he became very sick and went to the Hospital for poor people in a town of Heiden, he stayed in the same room (12). In 1895 a journalist found him and wrote about him. Dunant became famous again and the people send him gift and money. Dunant died in 1910, there was no funeral ceremony like he desired, gave his money to the workers hospital and also the money for a free bed to the poor sick people of Heiden. At this time more than 170 countries are part for the Red Cross. Professor: Felicita Daz Ramos Page 1...
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