Love trough the internet - and Google it. With my topic,...

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Love trough the internet 1.   How many loves Site are in internet? Love guru Dating site/ Labor of Love 2. What negative thing was happens? Once something is posted it is almost impossible to erase.  Yes, it can be pulled  from the site, but the information remains accessible. Whether users have  already printed the information, or it has hit the email circuit, there is no way to be  certain the information has been deleted. Plus, many of us use network servers  that automatically save information. Opinions are often stated as fact.  In this age of blogs, wikis, editorials and the  like, it is easy for special-interest groups and web users to tout their perspectives  as unbiased news. To see how easy this is, pick a topic (I chose “organic fruit") 
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Unformatted text preview: and Google it. With my topic, Organic sites posted eight of the top 10 results, while one linked to a 20/20 news segment, and the othera blogger against organic fruit. Rumors live forever. While Procter & Gambles Tampax Pearl was hitting the market with an elaborate marketing campaign in 2002-2003, a message hit email circulation touting the tampon as causing yeast infections and cervical cancer. Procter & Gamble quickly dispelled the email, touting research & the safety of its product. Years later this email is still being forwarded. And while Procter & Gamble has the information posted on their website, how many people do you think actually research the emails they receive?...
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