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My last week of life       Well, what I would do if I say that I have a week old, it would be with my family at all  times, try to go with them to special sites to be their last few moments of happy  memories, enjoy nature around us, try to help people close to me who need and would  not fail to thank God for giving me the privilege of living. but I still do, because in June  13, 2004 I was diagnosed with colon cancer, thank God I was healed and since then 
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Unformatted text preview: I've never stopped to thank the heavenly father for giving me the opportunity to live again and testified that to serve others will know that no matter the condition in which one is life is precious and a wonderful gift to be enjoyed until the end. Since that time I celebrate my birth the 25th of May as always but also all the August 17 because at that moment I was reborn again. Professor: Felícita Díaz Page 1...
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