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shit happens - could fix his car Now he has to reunite some...

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Shit Happens It was 4:16 am in the morning and Pichin Pichin is late for his new job that start at 4:00 am and he is stock in his house thinking “I’m going to be fired” but he know it wasn’t his fault. It supposes that his earnings check of the week has to be in his account by 12:01am and when he stops at the gas station to full fill the tank, oh oh, there is a problem, the card decline!!! And he knows that the car is so empty that it can’t run far than a quarter mile. So at this point he has to go back to his house and wait to call to the human’s resources office of his work that starts at 8:00am to ask what the hell happens. Mean wile the only thing Pichin Pichin can do is laid down in his bed and watch the ceilings of the room with his head full of thought about all success that actually happens to him. Back a few days ago, he can’t go to work because his car wake up broke, but Pichin Pichin is a son of a mechanic, and by the end of the day, he
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Unformatted text preview: could fix his car. Now he has to reunite some extra money for the “marbete”this month is the last month to buy it. Pichin Pichin is a responsible man, who like his job, but the destiny always tries to mess with him, but some how he always make it. By the way his real name is José, but back in junior high school a “bully” boy gave this freaking nickname, that José doesn’t liked at all, but every one calls him by that name and he gave up to being mad and start using it. Many people said that he is a blessed man, and he really is, at this moment he lives alone in a house that he doesn’t pay electricity or water service and the monthly payment is $75.00 a joke. Recently the owner said to him that he needs his house back, so Pichin has to move again, but guess what, the owner of the house next door, said to him that he can move to that home at the same payment....
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