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RLG100 - Buddhist Teaching - Buddhist Teaching Four Noble...

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Buddhist Teaching Four Noble Truths: 1) There is suffering (duhkha) “suffering” (not about phydical suffering like after an accident) – dis-ease (unsatisfied) attachment to transient/impermanent things attachment even to the Buddah’s teaching – “The Dharma is like a raft” – constantly flowing, never the same twice, once you are on the other side of the river, you don’t need the raft When we try to cling to things, this will lead to disappointment because nothing is permanent Anything can be a form of attachment Not a denial that there can be pleasure in life There is no lasting deep happiness, temporary attachment to things in Samsara 2) Suffering has a cause – craving (trishna) Thirst for: 1) sense-pleasures, 2) existence and becoming, 3) non-existence Trishna = “thirst” With obsession, the object of obsession has more power than the person who is obsessing These attachments end up becoming kinds of obsessions To make something of ourselves that is lasting (to build an image of ourselves that is tied to ego) Urge for destruction and the want for things to not go away 3) There is cessation to suffering, through cessation of craving (nirvana) Cessation of desire leads to cessation of suffering Nirvana – “unbinding” or “extinction of fire” Reality matter gets tangled up together, and combustion occurs, and eventually they go out Where is Nirvana? The reason it is found in the Buddhist texts is because if he tries to explain what it is, it will become an obsession It is unbinding, not part of Samsara (negative terms) Removal of cool 4) The way to cessation of suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path Noble Eightfold Path: 1) right view (understanding)
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RLG100 - Buddhist Teaching - Buddhist Teaching Four Noble...

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